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Top O’ The Morn Farms is a family owned dairy farm in Tulare, CA. Our award-winning farm fresh milk is produced by us, bottled by us and delivered by us. You can be confident that it is fresh, local and something your family will enjoy. Your family can sign up for our home delivery service or visit our 'Where We Sell' page for store locations near you that carry our milk products!















What's New at Top O' The Morn Farms? 

All month long we will be celebrating June Dairy Month!

Starting THIS week Wednesday, June 10th we will be

celebrating with our Midweek Mocha deal!

Visit either of our Dairy Drive Thru locations on

Wednesdays from 3pm-6pm to get a

24oz. iced or blended MOCHA for only $2.50!



 Clovis Residents! We hope to see you at the Friday night Old Town Clovis Farmers Market! A great family-friendly market with a tremendous selection of local goodness.


 Market goes from 5:30pm-9pm

Kids are almost out of school, time for summer activites to start up! Interested in making homemade ice cream with our milk productsCheck out our Pinterest page for some great ideas/recipes. 

Click HERE to check be linked to our Pinterest!

We are moving into more and more

Haggen Grocery Stores in Southern CA.

Would you like to see TOTM Milk in your

local Haggen Store, let us know!


Hear what our Customers are saying!

Oh my goodness!! After hearing so many fabulous things about your Eggnog we finally visited the drive-thru a while ago and picked up a quart for Christmas dinner. WOW! It's so far beyond our expectations… I'm not sure we can wait 'til then. Such outstanding customer service too - the girl at the window got us samples of the regular and the pumpkin eggnog without even asking for them. Keep up the good work!

- 2Market Visuals

I cannot tell you how EXCITED I was today when I saw your milk in the dairy section of the store! I am sure everyone near to me heard my gasp of "Awesome! Milk in glass bottles! Pure, whole milk - in glass BOTTLES!" I will buy your milk FOREVER! It is DELICIOUS! I love the verse on the bottles! 
I grabbed a half gallon of whole milk and the strawberry milk just "jumped" into my cart (haha)! It is so DELICIOUS! Nothing can compare….liquid, creamy strawberry milk! THANK YOU!

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE TO PRODUCE SUCH AWESOME PRODUCTS! I am letting Albertsons know how excited I am that they are selling your products!

God bless you!

-S. Barci (Central Coast Albertsons Customer)

Thank you for making it possible for me to enjoy a nice glass of milk again!  Milk tends to upset my stomach to the point of not being able to drink it any longer. After seeing a spot on the morning news, I decided to go to Simonian Farms and try your milk.  It brought back distant memories of being a kid and drinking milk that tasted just like yours.  I just want to thank you for letting me experience pleasure in a simple glass of ice cold milk again.

(Fresno Customer)


Would you like our Milkman to deliver to YOUR local store…click HERE

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